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Due to the fact WuHuan did lots of crappy stuff disguised as the FengRan, today FengRan is in big troubles

Due to the fact WuHuan did lots of crappy stuff disguised as the FengRan, today FengRan is in big troubles

BaiJue grew to become who owns the new Heavenly Castle. But FengRan remains added to jail which will be punished. However the positive thing is actually, BaiJue just achieved it not to ever alert the newest challenger, the guy will not in fact found it FengRan.

MuGuang still doesn’t believe that WuHuan is actually doing Devil time. BaiJue plus believes that ShangGu wouldn’t prefer WuHuan in the event the she is evil…. (oh guy, they are completely wrong)

Great, BaiJue thinks JingZhao, and you may trusts this lady. BaiJue is additionally making a great amount of opposition, while the QingMu is finished. BaiJue also informed MuGuang so that WuHuan from the Nether World.

Remember when HouChi was expecting? Well, there can be difficulty. In reality, a few. To begin with, QingMu has already been basically nonexistent. Second, new HouChi are unable to have the infant’s spiritual fuel. HouChi finds out that QingMu are BaiJue, and you will BaiJue has returned.

[Ep 39] HouChi doesn’t think that BaiJue often forget about the woman, due to the fact she still thinks that he’s QingMu. But FengRan verifies it. HouChi desires step out of this new Invisible Slope so that him yourself tell her which he will not think of this lady anymore.

HouChi suits BaiJue. BaiJue will not state some thing when HouChi requires in the if he or she is QingMu. He’s very very most cool so you can HouChi. BaiJue informed her that QingMu died. HouChi essentially despises BaiJue today. JingZhao is also indeed there observe their during the including a minimal section.

BaiJue flashbacks to thoughts off SHangGu, and will get kinda happy for a time, but will get unfortunate. Remember the swing which he talented ShangGu? The guy got rid of you to definitely. He together with flashbacks to when he place ShangGu’s spirit towards egg, hence after hatched HouChi. So the guy understands that HouChi are ShangGu.

[Ep lesbian hookup apps for free forty] Works out, BaiJue know fundamentally what you, but simply pretended to not understand everything you. The guy together with purposely let out WuHuan, once the she attacked him. BaiJue together with agrees so you’re able to wed JingZhao. Works out, it’s their propose to get HouChi in order to dislike your.

BaiJue shared with her you to definitely she appeared as if ShangGu, but wasn’t her

HouChi suits ShangGu from inside the an aspiration. JingJian takes on chess with a fictional nonexistent QingMu, thus JingJian takes on both themselves and QingMu, when you are BaiJue observe your. GuJun preparations toys/gowns getting HouChi’s baby while looking fairly depressed.

During the QingMu’s tomb, HouChi saw good “video” of QingMu informing the woman that which you, from the BoXuan, BaiJue, etc an such like, and you can tells the girl he likes this lady

WuHuan candidates one to FengRan is the Phoenix Queen’s girl. BaiJue’s feather phone calls FengRan to visit somewhere, to share with the lady the woman birth rating. It actually is WuHuan fooling the lady. FengRan actually is the fresh new Phoenix Queen’s girl. WuHuan agreements for the sucking FengRan’s strength lifeless.

HouChi is still unaware and you will cannot accept that QingMu passed away. Oh my, QingMu didn’t remember that HouChi try pregnant. Ouch. It is a lot more of such as for instance a good flashback that he recorded getting HouChi when the the guy dies.

[Ep 41] It is BaiJue and you will JingZhao’s relationship. HouChi involves interrupt the wedding. She tries to share with BaiJue/QingMu one to she actually is pregnant, but the guy interrupts the girl. JingZhao spends their secret to help you slap HouChi, and you can oh snap, BaiJue try pissed, but he can’t show it since the they are marrying JingZhao and it’s element of their plan. WuHuan and additionally slaps her. Whenever taking slapped, HouChi’s hairpin dropped (one that QingMu gave the lady)

WuHuan starts injuring HouChi, and you may BaiJue is also more pissed. BaiJue informs the woman to get rid of, but she doesn’t stop, therefore GuJun must been save your self the day. Oh man, GuJun is even a great deal more pissed one BaiJue.

HouChi wishes Baijue to help you separation and divorce the lady in front of all someone else. In the event the he will it, upcoming she would not bother him. He will it, regardless of if he cannot actually want to.